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“The Captain's Goose and What Became of It”
by Sgt. Lauren S. Barker, Co. A

It was in the month of March, 1865, while the 28th Regiment was on its way to Spanish Fort, that the incident which I am about to relate, occurred.

While going the rounds, the officer of the day, John A. Williams, came upon one of the 7th Vermont boys, who was triumphantly carrying a big fat goose.

As foraging was not allowed, the Captain took the goose from the man, but his own scruples did not prevent him from wishing to have a dainty morsel for his own supper, so he turned it over to his servant to cook, and invited Captain Thomas N. Stevens to take supper with him.

Now it so happened that Corp. Carlin, of Company Q, found out about the goose and how it came into Capt. Williams' possession. Thinking it unfair and wishing to play a joke on him, and have a feast as well, he quietly kept watch on the cook and the camp kettle.

Just at dark the cook stepped into the tent to prepare for supper. At the same moment Corp. Carlin stepped out of the bushes, and taking the well-cooked goose from the fire, disappeared with it. The negro returned in a few moments and found to his consternation that the goose was gone and no trace of it could be found.

The Corporal and his squad feasted well that night, and the chagrin of the Captain and his friend can well be imagined.

A few days afterward Corp. Carlin asked Captain Stevens how he enjoyed his supper of goose with Capt. Williams the other night. Capt. Stevens laughed and said, “Corporal, I guess you know what became of that goose.”

Source: These lines were penned by Lauren Barker on the occasion of the Sixth Annual Reunion of the 28th Regiment. Sgt. Barker's words were published in the proceedings of the reunion, which was held in 1888.