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“A Son's Letter”

This letter was written by the son of Private Charles D. Luce, one of the original members to muster into service with Company A., 28th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment, and who died while in it's service. It was written to Sgt. Lauren Barker of that same unit. Attention has been paid to spelling and punctuation in order to preserve the original document in typewritten form. Note that "My Father" was underscored for emphasis as was "your" in "(your children)".

Ellis Nebr.,
April 28" 1916

Dear Mr. Barker,

This season of the year, as the time approaches for the old Soldier to have his full share of honor and praise, My thought naturely turns to that lowly, and perhaps "unknown" grave in the sunny Southland, whare Mother Earth embraces the remains of one of her noble Sons, My Father. Also my thot turns to the place of my birth (Waukesha Co., Wisconsin) And the shattered reminants of the old 28" Wis Vol,, Infantry. God bless you who still survive. And may He inspire us (your children) to honor you always by observing “Decaration Day.”

I have my “Lullaby” song in fine shape now, And am mailing you a few copies, Have some good singer try it, And if you think it "fills the bill" recomend it to the Soldier organizations and their friends. If you can sell 100 or more at 12 1/2 c each, it will pay for my membership in Co,, A of your Association, and may be, I can afford the money to come to your annual gathering this summer. Mother is 85" and pretty strong for her years, but she is fast loosing her sight. She is still at King City Mo,, living alone most of the time, We had her with us 18 months and wife and I both urged her to stay, but she would not, She might want to come if I go up there this Summer, But I think it would not be wise, If I could see you and talk, I would be glad.

Loyal & true, I am ever yours

C.C. Luce.

Source: Original handwritten letter found between the pages of the 1916 Diary of Lauren Barker. Thanks to Lauren R. Pacini for generously providing this letter for the 28th Wisconsin Home Page.