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U.S. Price List of Clothing
Commencing November 12, 1863
by Pvt. Solomon Canright, Co. A

Pvt. Solomon Canright's Civil War diary included this list of uniform prices that soldiers paid for their clothing. Many of the men ran a tab with the company clerk, and had their total purchases deducted from their final military pay. It was common for a soldier in the 28th Wisconsin to have charged a total of $30.00 to $50.00 worth of clothing and accessories for their three years of service. Pvt. Canright copied this information while at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, exact date unknown.

Hat1.65 Flannel Drawers.90
Feather.15 Knit Drawers1.04
Card & Tassel.12 Socks.32
Eagle.02 Sewed Shoes2.05
Bugle.03 Pegged Shoes1.48
Cap.58 Overcoats7.50
Dress Coat7.00 Woolen Blanket3.25
Infantry Pants2.50 Rubber Blanket2.48
Cavalry Pants3.65 Rubber Poncho2.75
Flannel Sack Coats, Unlined2.35 Knapsack Complete1.85
Flannel Sack Coats, Lined3.12 Haversack, Plain.33
Flannel Shirts1.53 Haversack, Painted.48
Knit Shirts1.28 Cantons, Painted.41