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Cpl. Lewis Bloodgood
Letters home while engaged in the Civil War, Jan. 1864 - May 1865

New Orleans, La.
Feb. 17th, 1865

Dear Ones at Home:

We arrived at this place last night and in good spirits. We are not camped in New Orleans but right across the river from their in a place called Algiers. I think it is the best country I ever saw. I never sw anything south that looked any ways well until yesterday, but from Port Hudson down I never saw the best in all my life. The farms run back from the river about four miles just as level as a floor. The houses are splendid while the farms are as neat as a parlor, full of evergreens and orange trees loaded down with nice ripe oranges. In fact it looks like a city all along the river. One cannot help being charmed. I think I have been well paid for leaving Little Rock.

But to change the subject, as near as I can find out we are to move on to Mobile from here. At least that is all the talk now, but it is hard for a soldier to tell where he is going while he has Uncle Samuel to deal with. As near as I can learn there has a force left this place for Mobile. If we go we will be held as a reserve no doubt, but I had much rather be in the advance where we could see some sport. I believe our Regt. is sporting for a fight. I think the boys never were so anxious to get at the rebs as now.

We stopped at Vicksburg about one hour. I will assure you that it is a strong place. It would be impossible to take it unless the troops were starved out. We could see where Grant dug the hills all over. They look as thought they had been plowed. It is held now principally by Negro troops as well as other places along the river. We were not allowed to stop at other places, only at Baton Rouge and then it was dark. We learned that the thirteenth battery and fourth Regt. were there. Everything is cheaper now than they were at Little Rock, oranges five cents apiece. I think we will live here.

I shall have to close for this time. Write soon to

Lewis E. Bloodgood

Letters generously shared by Creighton Lewis Bloodgood