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Cpl. Lewis Bloodgood
Letters home while engaged in the Civil War, Jan. 1864 - May 1865

Pine Bluff, Ark.
Aug. 19th, 1864

Dear Ones at Home

Tonight finds me seated in our tent with Mahlon and Anson trying to write to the dear ones at home. We have been removed from provost duty consequently have lost our comfortable quarters but we have things fixed very good so that we can live very well. Have our tent raised about three feet from the ground so that we have plenty of room to cook and eat in. We sleep in the barracks that we made last winter. I wish you could peep into our tent some of these nights and see how we look. I know you would think we enjoyed ourselves. In fact we do enjoy ourselves first rate.

It has been a long time since I heard from home. Should no doubt had one in this last mail had it not been burnt. The boat was burned with mail between here and the Rock (Little Rock? - ed.) by three rebs. You may think it starnge that three men could capture a boat but there is no doubt that the boat crew were rebs. There were no soldiers aboard unless it was the mail agent. I shall wait patiently for a letter. You must write as soon as you get this for I shall be very anxious to hear from you. The boys are all well. I never enjoyed better health in all my life. God is very good to us in giving us good health. Oh let us praise Him for His goodness unto us.

I shall send ten dollars home in this letter, also ten in the next and so on until I send forty or fifty home. I hardly dare risk it all in one letter. I wish you would send me one dollar's worth of stamps. It is almost impossible to get them here.

I shall have to close for tonight. It is getting late and I am on duty tomorrow amd the mail goes Sunday morning. Write soon to your affectionate son

Lewis Bloodgood

Letters generously shared by Creighton Lewis Bloodgood