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Cpl. Lewis Bloodgood
Letters home while engaged in the Civil War, Jan. 1864 - May 1865

Pine Bluff, Ark.
Oct. 28th, 1864

Dear Ones at Home:

I have been at a loss for a long time to know how to direct a letter to you but have come to the conclusion to write and send the letter to Uncle Ben's folks. I am getting quite lonesome for the reason that I have received no letters from home in a long time. The last letter I received bore the date of Sept. 18th but your moving accounts for this. I wrote Lucina a letter a short time ago and directed it to H.P. but I suppose someone at the Prairie will forward it to her. She told me in her last that she was not going with you but the Orderly's letter that he received yesterday said she had gone with you.

You wished to know what I wanted you to do with that money. Use it as you see fit just as though it was yours (for it is). I tell you we are getting along finely. We have a house built twenty feet long and twelve feet wide. It is one of the nicest houses in Pine Bluff for the reason that we built it ourselves. Nine of us live in it (namely) Kenyon, Mahlon, Andrew, William Loorner, Anson Phelps, Edwin Lyman, Horace Wilkins, Joseph Martell and myself and there is our nice large store, almost like our old one. Oh I wish you could peep in and see us when we are all together, a happier set you never saw. We expect to pass the last of our soldiering as pleasantly as possible. You wished me to keep up good courage. I am trying to. The boys are all in good spirits and believe the war is nearly closed. We think as soon as old Abe is reinstated the rebs intend to give the thing up. I am on duty tonight and cannot write a long letter.

As soon as I hear from you I will write a long letter. The mail only leaves here once a month lately as the boats do not run. It leaves early in the morning. Remember me to all the friends. Kiss all the children for me. Write all the news about our new home and the friends in Iowa.

Your Soldier boy
Lewis Bloodgood

Letters generously shared by Creighton Lewis Bloodgood