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Petition of Support
for Lt. Charles Slawson, Co. B

Hd. Qrs., Co. B 28th Reg., Wis. Vol., Inf.
On Detached Service,
Helena, Ark., July 22, 1863

Lt. Col. John A. Rawlings,
A.A.G. Dept. of Tenn,

Colonel: - We, the undersigned, non-commissioned officers and privates of B Co., 28th Wis. Vols. Infantry, having learned of the resignation of Second Lieut. Chas. B. Slawson of said company and regiment, would protest against this resignation and pray that it may not be accepted.

Lieut. Slawson has missed no duty with the company since its organization, and in the engagement at this post on the morning of the fourth of July 1863, was the only commissioned officer present with the company, leading it into action and displaying military skill in maneuvering his command, which would have done credit to one higher in rank and elicited the warm approbation of the regimental commander.

We regret sincerely the step he has taken in tendering his resignation, and pray, for the honor and welfare of the company that it may not be accepted. (Signed,)

Franklin A. Bennett, 1st Sergt. B Co.
Stewart Eldridge, 2nd
George Vanderpool, 3rd
Chesley B. Fullar, 4th
Donald McDonald, 5th

John Carpenter 1st Corp.
P.P. Schneider, 2nd
Conrad Pflueger, 3rd
Gottfried Hafenstein, 4th
Alfred S. Weaver, 5th
George W. Patterson, 6th
James Hoag 7th
Thomas Cumming 8th

David Arnold
I. Arnold
William Green
Jacob Adloff
Ezra Dedrich
Bedford Valleau
Wester Baker
Daniel A. Church
Joseph E. Forward
John Watson
Michael Power
Peter Bodelt
Thomas Devereaux
Jeremiah Carr
George Coleman
Frank Bender
W. M. Speaker
Herman Jermark
John Pflueger
Karl Klaus
Henry Imig
John Heider
Duguste Cross
Joseph Auger Meyer
Samuel Hogg
John Geetlein
Martin McCail
David Hill
George Kellogg
Karl Semerlatt
A.W. Mullan
Peter Finegan
Canute Canutesen
John P. Cumming
Charles Lieberlich
Albert Vogt
William H. Cernagban
William Cooper
John Schneider
Fred Wachter
Lucius M. Weaver
Fred Wieland
Charles Gauske
Joseph Kroy
A. Hawley
Christian Lewenson
H.C. Bourne
Wm. A. Barstow


Information transcribed from the Waukesha Democrat newspaper of 19 August 1863 and generously shared by Bruce Laine.