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Post-War Affadavit
to support pension claim of Mrs. George S. Decker

Written by Capt. Thomas N. Stevens

State of Michigan
County of Montcolm

Thomas N. Stevens a resident of said County and State being duly sworn according to the law deposes and says that he was commissioned and served as Captain of Company "C" of the 28th Regt of Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers in the war of the Rebellion of 1861. That he enlisted George S. Decker as a private for said company of said regiment on or about the 28th day of February 1864 at Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. That he was well aquainted with said Decker previous to his enlistment and that of his knowledge he believes that he was a robust strong, and healthy man up to the time of his enlistment.

That while in the service and with time of his duty at Madison, Wisconsin that said Decker was taken down sick with inflamation of the lungs and that he died of said disease in hospital at Madison, Wisconsin on the 2nd day of April 1864. That he has every reason to believe that said soldier contracted said disease while in the service and within line of his duty. That his frequent exposures to severe cold weather and his soldier's fare while on duty at Madison aforesaid was no doubt the sole cause of his said complaint. That he was a man of good work and personal habits according to his best knowledge and belief that said soldier never reached his regiment. Further deformant says that he has no interest whatever in the claim of Mrs. Catherine Decker for a pension as the widow of said soldier.

Signed Thomas N. Stevens
dated 18th day of November 1867

This affadavit in support of Mrs. Decker's claim for her husband's pension was found in the National Archives pension file for Pvt. George S. Decker. Pvt. Decker is buried in an unmarked grave at Monterrey Cemetery in Waukesha County, Wis.

Letter generously shared by Judy Decker