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Regimental Reunions
Society of the 28th Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
1902 Reunion, Company I

Company I 1902 Reunion Group

The caption of this photo identifies by last name only the "Relics" of Company I; first names were filled in from regimental records: Robert Cheney, Michael O'Brien, Alfred Potter, (John or Frank) Carl, Stephen Conklin, William O'Brien, Charles Storms, (?) Hartwell, Duncan Wright, Charles Ferry, Henry Vaughn, John Hodges, Charles Spoor, Samuel Bell, William Bowman, Hezekiah Adams, David Holmes, Albert Patterson, Jackson Hicks, Donald Matheson, Charles Dingman, Aaron Vanderpool, Dennis West, (?) Harnes, and Daniel Buttles.

Last Updated: 13 April 2022