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Battle of Helena, Arkansas
Statement of Casualties, 1st Brigade, Union Forces
6 July 1863

This is a transcription of a handwritten report of the 1st Brigade casualties at the Battle of Helena. This list was copied from an original document held by Mary Lou Salomon, a descendant of General Frederick Salomon, and generously made available for use on this web page.

Head Quarters 1st Brigade 13th Division 
Helena, Ark.  July 6, 1863 
Statement of Casualities in 1st Brigade 
43rd Indiana Volunteer Infantry
	1.  William Hamilton, Private, Co. A 
	2.  Alfred May, Private, Co. F 
	3.  Joseph Foncannon, Private, Co. I (?) 
	1.  James Beard, Corporal, Co. A in arm 
	2.  Wallace W. Sayre, Sergt, Co. B, in shoulder 
	3.  W. C. Schattuck, Private, Co. D 
	4.  Noah Faubion, Private, Co. F - arm & right side 
	5.  Silas Wright, Private, Co. F 
	6.  K. F. Henderson, Private, Co. I (?) right breast, severely 
35th Missouri Volunteer Infantry 
	1.  1st Lieut Daniel Onions, Co. E 
	2.  William A. Bush, Private, Co. A 
	3.  John Kelsey, Private, Co. C 
	1.  William B. Walters, Sergt. Co. C, thigh, slight 
	2.  Franzis Walker, Sergt. Co. C., Knee, serious	 
	3.  William M. Butcher, Private, Co. C, abdomen, serious 
	4.  James Sykes, Private, Co. C, arm, serious 
	5.  John W. Francis, Private, Co. D, foot, slight. 
	6.  Samuel Wilson, Private, Co. E, shoulder, serious. 
	7.  Robert French, Private, Co. E, hand, slight 
	8.  Joseph Carter, Private, Co. E, hand, slight 
	9.  James Cariott, Sergeant, Co. H, head, slight 
       10.  Alfred Reus, Corpl., Co. H, thigh & foot, slight 
       11.  Michael Kelly, Private, Co. H, shoulder & breast, slight 
28th Wisconsin Volunteer Inftry. 
	1.  Jerome B. McKinstry, Private, Co. A (?) 
	1.  Andrew Villim, Private, Co. E, wounded through the lungs & since died 
	2.  Leon King, Private, Co. G, through both thighs  
	3.  Christopher Jacobs, Private Co. G, in leg 
	4.  Christian Berker, Private, Co. H, in the bowels,  severely 
	5.  Herman Bulkis, Private, Co. G, severely 
     	1.  Alonzo Thayers, Piper, Co. E. 
        2.  Samuel Burtel, Ambulance Driver, Co. E 
        3.  Alexander Cameron, Private, Co. G 
        4.  Jacob Galfer, Private, Co. G 
        5.  George Hyde, Musician, Co. K 
	43rd Indiana Vol. Infantry		3 
	35th Missouri Vol. Infantry		3 
	28th Wisconsin Vol. Infantry		1 
			  	Total           7 
	43rd Indiana Vol. Infantry		6 
	35th Missouri Vol. Infantry	       11 
	28th Wisconsin Vol. Infantry		5 
			   	Total          22 
	28th Wisconsin Vol. Infantry		5 
                                Total	        5 
(signed)  William E. McLean, 
Col. 43rd Indiana Vol. Inftry 
Commdg. 1st Brigade