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Yazoo Pass Expedition
Order of Battle
3 February - 10 April 1863

Union Forces

Commanding Expedition
B/Gen. Leonard F. Ross (Feb. 15-March 21)
B/Gen. Isaac F. Quinby (March 21-April 10)

Thirteenth Division, Brig. Gen. Leonard F. Ross

1st Brigade, Brig. Gen. Frederick Salomon
43d Indiana Infantry, Col. W.E. McLean
46th Indiana Infantry, Col. T. Bringhurst
47th Indiana Infantry, Lt. Col. J.A. McLaughlin

2nd Brigade, Brig. Gen. Clinton B. Fisk
29th Iowa Infantry, Lt. Col. R.F. Patterson
33d Iowa Infantry, Col. S.A. Rice
36th Iowa Infantry, Col. C.W. Kitteridge
33d Missouri Infantry, Col. W.A. Pile
28th Wisconsin Infantry, Lt. Col. C. Whitaker

Co. A, 1st Missouri Artillery (6 guns); Capt. G.W. Schofield
3d Battery, Iowa Light Artillery (6 guns); Capt. M.M. Hayden

Seventh Division, Brig. Gen. Isaac F. Quinby

1st Brigade, Col. John B. Sanborn
72d Illinois Infantry, Col. F.A. Starring
48th Indiana Infantry, Col. N. Eddy
59th Indiana Infantry, Lt. Col. J.N. Scott
4th Minnesota Infantry, Lt. Col. J.E. Tourtellotte

2d Brigade, Col. Charles L. Matthies
56th Illinois Infantry, Col. G.B. Raum
17th Iowa Infantry, Col. D.B. Hillis
10th Missouri Infantry, Lt. Col. L. Harney
Co. F., 24th Missouri Infantry, Lt. D. Driscoll
80th Ohio Infantry, Col. M.H. Bartilson

3d Brigade, Col. George B. Boomer
93rd Illinois Infantry, Col. H. Putnam
5th Iowa Infantry, Lt. Col. E.S. Sampson
10th Iowa Infantry, Col. W.E. Small
26th Missouri Infantry, Maj. C.F. Brown

Artillery, Capt. F.C. Sands
Company M, 1st Missouri Artillery (6 guns), Lt. J.W. McMurray
11th Battery, Ohio Lt. Artillery (6 guns), Lt. F.E. Armstrong
6th Battery, Wisconsin Lt. Artillery (6 guns), Capt. W. Zickerick

Cavalry, Capt. Samuel P. Tipton
Company E, 2d Illinois Cavalry
Company C, 5th Missouri Cavalry


1st Indiana Cavalry, Maj. T.A. Pace
24th Indiana Infantry, Col. W.T. Spicely
34th Indiana Infantry, Col. T.A. Cameron

Commanding Gunboats

Lt. Cmdr. Watson Smith (Medically Surveyed)
Lt. Cmdr. James P. Foster
Baron De Kalb, ironclad, Lt. Cmdr. J.G. Walker
Chillicothe, ironclad, Lt. Cmdr. J.P. Foster
Rattler, tinclad, Act. Master W.E. Fentress
Marmora, tinclad, Act. Master R. Getty
Signal, tinclad, Act. Master C. Dominy
Romeo, tinclad, Act. Master John V. Johnston
Petrel, tinclad, Act. Lt. G.P. Lord
Forest Rose, tinclad, Act. Master G.W. Brown
Dick Fulton, ram, 1st Master S, Codman
Lioness, ram, 1st Master T. O'Reilly

Confederate Forces

Commanding Confederate Forces
Maj. Gen. William W. Loring

1st Brigade, Brig. Gen. Lloyd Tilghman
54th Alabama Infantry, Col. A. Baker
8th Kentucky Infantry, Col. H.B. Lyon
20th Mississippi Infantry, Col. D.R. Russell
23rd Mississippi Infantry, Col. J.M. Wells
26th Mississippi Infantry, Col. A. E. Reynolds

Co. C, 14th Mississippi Artillery Battalion (4 guns), Capt. J. Culbertson

2nd Brigade, Brig. Gen. Winfield S. Featherston
3rd Mississippi Infantry, Col. T.A. Mellon
22nd Mississippi Infantry, Lt. Col. H.J. Reid
31st Mississippi Infantry, Col. J.A. Orr
1st Mississippi Sharpshooter Battallion, Maj. WA Rayburn

Co. C., 1st Mississippi Lt. Artillery (4 guns), Capt. L.A. Collier

3d Brigade, Mississippi State Troops, Brig. Gen. J.Z. George

Moore's Brigade, Brig. Gen. John C. Moore
37th Alabama Infantry, Col. J.F. Dowdell
42nd Alabama Infantry, Col. J.W. Portis
35th Mississippi Infantry, Col. W.S. Barry
40th Mississippi infantry, Col. W.B. Colbert
2nd Texas Infantry, Col. Ashbel Smith

Bledsoe's Missouri Battery (4 guns), Capt. H.M. Bledsoe

Not Brigaded
37th Mississippi Infantry, Col. O.S. Holland
Detachment, 21st Louisiana Infantry
Co. A, 22nd Louisiana Infantry, Lt. J.E. Lambert
Waul's Texas Legion, Col. T.N. Waul
Blythe's Battalion, Mississippi State Troops, Maj. G.L. Blythe

Co. B, Pointe Coupee Artillery (4 guns), Capt. WA Davidson
Co. A 9Thopnson's Section), Pointe Coupee Artillery (4 guns), Lt. J.J. Thompson
Tobin's Tennessee Artillery (4 guns), Capt. T.F. Tobin

7th Tennessee Cavalry, Col. J.G. Stocks
2nd Missouri Cavalry, Col. R. McCulloch
2d Arkansas Cavalry, Col. W.F. Slemons

Naval Detachment, Lt. F.E. Shepperd

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