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Sergt. George J. Vanderpool
Company B

Source: Sergeant Vanderpool's biography was originally published in the proceedings of the 11th Annual Meeting of the Society of the 28th Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, held 21-22 June 1893 at Mukwonago, Wisconsin.

George Vanderpool was born in Guilderland, Albany Co., New York, March 12, 1831. He settled in Wisconsin in 1847 and engaged in farming. He was married November 25, 1855 to Miss Catherine Van Buren. From this happy union the following children were born: Byron V., May 19, 1858; Loren, March 28, 1860, died April 30, 1870; William L., September 17, 1866; Lillie M., December 6, 1871 (now Mrs. C.N. Cummer); and George G., December 26, 1873.

George J. Vanderpool After the commencement of the Civil War, at the age of 31 years, Comrade Vanderpool left his brave wife and helpless children to serve his country in her time of need. He enlisted on August 15, 1862, for the 22nd Regiment, at Vernon, Waukesha County. The 22nd having been filled before the company which Comrade Vanderpool joined has their full quota, he became a member of Company B, 28th Regt. Wis. Vol. Inf., which went into Camp Washburn, Milwaukee, September 20, 1862. He was made sergeant of his company, and filled the position as commissary sergeant throughout the war. He was made first sergeant at Clarksville, Texas, July, 1865. He was always one the the "get-there-Eli" boys.

To Comrade Vanderpool is largely due the credit of our present organization. He with Col. Gray and Oscar Smith, organized by appointing George secretary and treasurer. His "eternal vigilance" secured names and addresses of very many of the survivors of the regiment, and resulted in many happy and successful reunions, the first of which was held in Waukesha, in the fall of 1881. Comrade Vanderpool resides in Waukesha, is much beloved and respected by all who know him, and will not loose his love for and interest in the boys of the old 28th while his life shall last.

Note: George Vanderpool died Jan. 18, 1903 at the home of his son, Byron, in Delafield. He was buried in Prairie Home Cemetery, Waukesha. Source: obituary.

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