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Affidavit from Pension File
of Hiram A. Howard

written by William H. Carlton

I William Carleton a resident of Arrgns (sp?) in the county of Polk, State of Minnesota, late seargnt (sic) of Co A of the 28th Regiment Wis Vol Inft. on oath say that I was well acquainted with Hiram A Howard late a private in Company A of the 28th Wis Vol Inft. of the War of 1861. That at the time of his enlistment was a healthy active man and I believe free frm any disease and while in the service of the United States in line of duty and without fault of his own in August 1863 at Clarenton State of Arkansas the said Hiram A Howard was sick with fever and Ague and not able to march with the Company and with myself was left to go on the Hospital Boat. I remember the fact well that we were both very sick and unable to help ouselves or each other and because of former attackes of malaria and fever and ague we were both so weakened by the fever that several hours after the Boat had landed and the fever left us it took us 2 hours or more to go about 3/4 of a mile to where our Regt was encamped without treatment for some time and no medicine for the sick on Hospital Boat. At Duvall's Bluff Arkansas we left it and returned to our Regt. hoping to get relief from our disabilities. I also know that at Pine Bluff Arkansas while stationed there said Hiram A Howard was sick a great deal of the time perhaps 1/3 of the time with fever and Ague and was often and many times excused from duty for above reasons. I know thee facts to be the case from being with him on Hospital Boat and in Hospital at Pine Bluff and with our Co.

I have no interest whatsoever in the procecution of this claim for Pension.

Wm Carleton

Source: Pension file affidavit from NARA records, transcription provided by Ellen Steinberg.

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