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Company Rosters

Company A
Lewis Guards
Capt. John A. Williams

Company B
Waukesha Minute Men
Capt. Mandeville G. Townsend
Capt. Charles B. Slawson

Company C
Whittaker Guards
Capt. Thomas N. Stevens

Company D
Whitewater Co. No. 3
Capt. Edward S. Redington

Company E
Federal Guards
Capt. James R. Kenyon

Company F
Badger Guards
Capt. Calvert C. White
Capt. Archie D. Montieth

Company G
Hodgson Guards
Capt. Elihu Enos, Jr.

Company H
The Sigel Guards
Capt. Herman A. Meyer, Jr.
Capt. James Murray

Company I
The LaFayette Guards
Capt. Horace B. Crandall
Capt. Andrew F. Shiverick
Capt. Lyndsey J. Smith

Company K
Wylie Guards
Capt. Ira H. Morton
Capt. Levi J. Billings

Last Updated: April 13, 2022