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Regimental Reunions
Society of the 28th Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry

In the early 1880's, former members of the 28th Wisconsin Infantry began work on organizing a regimental reunion society. Interest widened as word spread among the veterans, and beginning in 1882, annual reunions were held for the next 35 years. The reunion location changed from year to year, but generally was held within Waukesha or Walworth Counties where the regiment had originally been recruited.

These photographs were obtained from some of the few remaining reunion booklets, which can still be found in some archives and libraries. The booklets were published after each reunion to commemorate the proceedings of each annual event. The photos were electronically scanned and made available to the 28th Wisconsin Regiment web site by Kirby Scott, a descendant of John Organ Sr. (Company D) and John Organ Jr. (Company I).

Note: these images were scanned from halftone reproductions in booklets, rather than original photographs, which means you will see a distinct dot pattern in the images.

Additionally, here is a post-war letter to Lt. Col. Whitaker from Capt. Thomas N. Stevens (Co. C) regarding the 1891 reunion.

Post-War Reunion Ribbons and Badges

Brigade Headquarters, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, 1863

This photo was loaned to the Society of the 28th Wisconsin for reproduction in the reunion booklet by comrade W. H. Dopkins. It's an image of the headquarters building, an unidentified horse, and with seven officers who are identified. From left to right they are:

  • Capt. Archie Monteith, Co. F, 28th Wisconsin, Provost Marshall
  • Major Thos. M. Scudder, Assist. Inspector General
  • Gen. Powell Clayton, Commanding Brigade
  • Capt. J.A. Williams, Co. A, 28th Wisconsin
  • Lieut. Lefler, Ordinance Officer
  • Lieut. Cambron, Assist. Adjutant General
  • Capt. S.R. Harrington, Aide-de-Camp

28th Wisconsin Battle Flag and Standards

Company I Group Photo, 1897 Reunion

Unfortunately none of the 22 members in this photograph is identified. This reunion was held at Elkhorn, Wis. on June 24, 1897.

Company I Group Photo, 1902 Reunion

The caption of this photo identifies by last name only the "Relics" of Company I; first names were filled in from regimental records: Robert Cheney, Michael O'Brien, Alfred Potter, (John or Frank) Carl, Stephen Conklin, William O'Brien, Charles Storms, (?) Hartwell, Duncan Wright, Charles Ferry, Henry Vaughn, John Hodges, Charles Spoor, Samuel Bell, William Bowman, Hezekiah Adams, David Holmes, Albert Patterson, Jackson Hicks, Donald Matheson, Charles Dingman, Aaron Vanderpool, Dennis West, (?) Harnes, and Daniel Buttles.

21st Annual Reunion Group Photo (1903)

Can you spot the banner in this photo which reads, "Camp Barker"? You'll find it draped across the front of the barn, to the right among the grove of trees. "Camp Barker" referred to the location of 1903 reunion -- the farm of Lauren Barker in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Mr. Barker was formerly the Sergeant (later Second Lieutenant) of Company A. The caption at the bottom of the photo reads, "Twenty-first Annual Reunion of the Society of the 28th Regt. Wis. Vol. Infantry, June 30th, 1903. Our Host, the "Mother of Co. A", is in front rank (center) with grandson at his left side." Apparently, duties as First Sergeant during the Civil War resulted in Mr. Barker acquiring the nickname.

Invitation to 1906 Reunion

Society President Thomas N. Stevens (formerly Captain, Co. C) extends an invitation to all survivors of the 28th Wisconsin, their guests and members of Company Q to attend the 24th annual reunion scheduled to be held at Waukesha on Thursday, June 28, 1906.

30th Annual Reunion Group Photo (1912)

June 25, 1912 at Waukesha, Wisconsin. The caption read, "About one half of those present objected to being "taken".

31st Annual Reunion Group Photo (1913)

July 9, 1913 at Waukesha, Wisconsin. The photo caption noted that this reunion commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the Battle of Helena, Arkansas, on July 4, 1863.

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