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Cpl. Lewis Bloodgood, Co. E
Letters home

Lewis Bloodgood was a prolific writer who penned many letters to his parents during the Civil War. Copies of ten of these letters were submitted to the 28th Wisconsin by his descendant, Creighton Bloodgood, of Huron, S. Dakota, and have been transcribed here. In his writings, Lewis often exhibits an optimistic personality and deep belief in God. He writes regularly, and frets a bit if time stretches by without a response from home.

Lewis Edward Bloodgood was born in Windham, Green County, New York on the 24th of October, 1844, the son of Abram Bloodgood. The family relocated to Wisconsin and purchased farmland in LaGrange Township, Walworth County, just north of Holden's Lake. When Lewis was not quite 18 years of age, he enlisted at LaGrange for three year's service with Captain Kenyon and the 28th Wisconsin Infantry. He turned 18 while the regiment was training at Camp Washburn, Milwaukee. From January to May 1864 he was detached to the 5th Kansas Battery by order of Col. Powell Clayton. Shortly afterward, two days before the Fourth of July 1864, he was promoted to Corporal. Lewis was wounded in the foot while taking part in the siege of Spanish Fort, Alabama on 2 April 1865. He was discharged due to his injury on 25 May 1865 at New Orleans.

Lewis returned home, but "home" had moved from Wisconsin to Iowa. He moved to South Dakota and died at Huron on 25 April 1897.

Ed. Note -- (The letters make frequent references to "Anson" and "Mahlon", and "Kenyon". Based on the muster roll for Company E, these soldiers may be those referenced)

Pvt. Mahlon Bolser, Co. E, from Sugar Creek
Pvt. Anson D. Phelps, Co. E, La Grange (same township as Lewis)
"Lt. Hebberd" was likely Second Lieut. Asa W. Hebbard, Co. E, from La Grange
"Kenyon" may have been Sgt. Ralph Kenyon, Co. E, from Troy


Letters home from Lewis Bloodgood

1864 1865
20 January 5 February
2 February 17 February
19 August 25 March
28 October 18 April
12 November 9 May

Letters generously shared by Creighton Lewis Bloodgood

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